By Hank Phillippi Ryan

WHDH: You might be paying more than you have to for your prescription drugs and have no idea. Hank Phillippi Ryan reveals how asking one simple question could save you money at the pharmacy. 7 Investigates.

When you pick up your prescription at the drug store you may never worry about the price.

Hank: “How much is your copay?”
Man: “$25.”

Woman: “I believe it’s $15.”

You just figure your insurance copay’s gotta be the best deal.

Hank: “Do you think that copay is the lowest price could possibly pay?”
Woman: “Yes.”

But our investigation found that’s not always true! Because sometimes the actual price of the drug may be less than your copay.

Hank: “As a pharmacist, have you ever been in a position where someone pays too much?”
Brown: “Yes.”

For instance, say you’re buying Levothyroxine, a common thyroid medication, and your insurance copay is twenty dollars.
But without using your insurance, we found you can get a month’s supply for just $11.
That’s $9 cheaper!

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